About Sumi-G

Sumi-E: Asian art form of black ink painting. Elegant, clean lines. Focused, practiced, serene, and beautiful.

Sumi-G: Sumi-G translates the spirit of the Sumi-E art form as inspiration for stylish and smart golf products. Sumi-G streamlines how golf is played, eliminating steps that break concentration, and become part of the player’s process. Sumi-G makes the golf experience more enjoyable, reflecting the essence of the game: feel, simplicity, process, and presence.

Our philosophy is uncomplicated: create simple, useful, and elegant products for the avid golfer.

Sumi-G launched at the 2009 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando and debuted three product collections: The Trunk, The Tee, and The Green. Sumi-G products span the golf journey and complement every player. Sumi-G collections tell a story and provide golfers with the tools they need to enjoy the course.

A golfer arrives on the green. He brushes his hand across his belt buckle and a square ball marker slides into his palm. He marks his ball with attitude, repairs his mark with an elegant stainless steel tool, and makes his putt. He records his score on a card held in a fine leather scorecard wallet, and then slips his cash winnings between the arms of an innovative money clip.

The Sumi-G head covers are the company’s flagship products. In development for more than five years, they are patent pending and unlike anything else on the market. They embody the Sumi-G process and design ideal by offering easy, one-handed operation, even on the big 460cc drivers. Thought was also put into making the covers easy to pick up from the ground using the club. No need to bend down. Those ideals of feel, simplicity, process, and presence also carry through into the clean, simple design aesthetics of these stunning head covers.

We are committed to developing products that become part of a golfer’s routine in a fluid and natural way. We strive to bring our passion for the game and the process of golf into the business of golf – investing our buyers, our customers, our employees and ourselves with full and complete commitment to success.

Sumi-G awaits your golf journeys. I would love to hear how Sumi-G becomes a part of your golf life. Enjoy!

Marius Kvinge
President, Sumi-G
marius (at) sumi-g (dot com)