Customer Money Clip Review

RSP on 06/02/2013
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I’ve never been a money clip kind of guy, but was given this and now use it everyday. It’s two sided design is perfect for cash, ID, credit cards, and anything else I need to throw in there. I turn both my cash and credit cards sideways and it goes in my pocket and is only the size of my credit cards this way. I don’t see myself using anything else in the near future.

Golf Discussions Review

Here’s another great unsolicited user review from the Golf Discussions forum!


SUMI-G is an up and coming company.  Their design team hit one out of the park with their first product line.  I can only imagine the Simple, Unique, Mesmerizing, Ingenious – Golf accessories in the future will be even better.

Corp Golf Review


Below is a quote from an article with some great compliments about Sumi-G in Corporate Golf.

Our favorite new product line, hands down, was from Sumi-G. This hot new accessories maker had the most innovative line we’ve seen in fifteen years in the golf business.  Every product is unique, useful, beautifully designed and well-made, the result of years of testing and multiple rejected prototypes.

While Sumi-G’s prices are quite high, these products aren’t just beautiful and functional, but also designed to last.  They’re well worth the premium.  One example is a stainless steel club-cleaning brush that slides on to any golf towel – and stays there.  If that doesn’t sound impressive, it’s because you didn’t see the quality of the brush, nor did you shake, drop and throw the towel across the booth without budging the brush.  (To use the brush, you simply grab and slide it down the towel.  It comes off easily when you want to remove it; it just won’t happen accidentally.)

Another of our favorite products is the snap-on head cover that easily fits the largest driver.  This is so well-designed, you can take it off and put it back on without using your hands, or even bending over, while the cover is lying on the ground – but again, it will not come off accidentally.  If, like me, you lose at least a couple of head covers a year, it’s well worth a $40 – $50 investment for one that’s virtually un-loseable.  (That’s at retail, not our tournament pricing.)

Sumi-G also makes gorgeous shoe bags, travel bags, belts, and more.  The entire line is simply extraordinary – and they even have several pre-packaged tournament player gift sets.  We’re delighted to add this brand to our product offerings.

Sumi-G Review In GolfWRX

Here’s a nice and unsolicited review of the Sumi-G Scorecard Wallet at Golf WRX from a member in Queens NY, with some great complimentary follow-up posts:

So I was looking at scorecard holders to help carry my log. I wanted something flexible but of good quality. I was picking between the Sumi-G and the TPK but since the Sumi-G was the only one that had been reviewed. I liked what I saw, the price was good ($57 @ intheholegolf), So I went for it. I have to say, as a leather junkie, I was VERY pleased with this holder.

THe Sumi-G wasn’t as bulky as I thought but the leather is very supple and flexible.The outer shell feels smooth but very rich and the inner suede is just as nice and the red makes it even better. It has one large pocket on the top, a pencil holder, and then a band and a slot for the scorecard/yardage map (see pic)

I used it for my first round today and I was VERY useful. It fits in the pocket perfectly (see pic), it’s about 7×4.5, easy to put in and out, and is barely noticeable when I’m riding. It made my round much more productive knowing the details of my shot.

I’m very happy and highly recommend this holder.


Sumi-G Tops List for Best Father’s Day Golf Gifts

05.31.2010 – Shoppers looking for a smart, useful gift for the golfer dad, something nice that he’ll love and actually use, will find it with Sumi-G.

Sumi-G brings a fresh, modern approach to classic golf accessories. The high-end designs reflect true love for the game, providing new products for golfers who want style and are looking for something different – something distinctive.

Sumi-G Head Covers

The innovative Sumi-G head cover is a top choice, named twice as the best new golf accessory of 2009. “Artful,” “practical,” “the iPod of head covers,” are just a few comments from overwhelmingly positive reviews. Patented design reinvents the head cover category, making these a must for serious and casual golfers alike. Rigid construction and a long neck protect the shaft and club. Easy to take on and off or pick up off the ground using a club, Sumi-G covers stand out in a crowd. Available in driver, fairway and hybrid sizes.

Sumi-G Golf Belts

The hot Sumi-G golf belts are also a top choice, having won two 2009 awards for best new golf fashion accessories. Featured in top golf media, including the New York Times and Golf Digest, Sumi-G belts are sought after by stylish golfers. The elegant design, cleverly integrated ball marker, and white, brown and black color options make them classic style setters.

Sumi-G also won an award for best new golf company of 2009, and was honored with several other award nominations.

Other Sumi-G designs include hats, brushes, bags, divot tools, money clips, and scorecard wallets. Prices range from $24 to $230. To view the collection and the online store, visit the Sumi-G website at Sumi-G products are also available at high-end golf resorts, pro shops, and retailers.