Corp Golf Review


Below is a quote from an article with some great compliments about Sumi-G in Corporate Golf.

Our favorite new product line, hands down, was from Sumi-G. This hot new accessories maker had the most innovative line we’ve seen in fifteen years in the golf business.  Every product is unique, useful, beautifully designed and well-made, the result of years of testing and multiple rejected prototypes.

While Sumi-G’s prices are quite high, these products aren’t just beautiful and functional, but also designed to last.  They’re well worth the premium.  One example is a stainless steel club-cleaning brush that slides on to any golf towel – and stays there.  If that doesn’t sound impressive, it’s because you didn’t see the quality of the brush, nor did you shake, drop and throw the towel across the booth without budging the brush.  (To use the brush, you simply grab and slide it down the towel.  It comes off easily when you want to remove it; it just won’t happen accidentally.)

Another of our favorite products is the snap-on head cover that easily fits the largest driver.  This is so well-designed, you can take it off and put it back on without using your hands, or even bending over, while the cover is lying on the ground – but again, it will not come off accidentally.  If, like me, you lose at least a couple of head covers a year, it’s well worth a $40 – $50 investment for one that’s virtually un-loseable.  (That’s at retail, not our tournament pricing.)

Sumi-G also makes gorgeous shoe bags, travel bags, belts, and more.  The entire line is simply extraordinary – and they even have several pre-packaged tournament player gift sets.  We’re delighted to add this brand to our product offerings.