Sumi-G Review In GolfWRX

Here’s a nice and unsolicited review of the Sumi-G Scorecard Wallet at Golf WRX¬†from a member in Queens NY, with some great complimentary follow-up posts:

So I was looking at scorecard holders to help carry my log. I wanted something flexible but of good quality. I was picking between the Sumi-G and the TPK but since the Sumi-G was the only one that had been reviewed. I liked what I saw, the price was good ($57 @ intheholegolf), So I went for it. I have to say, as a leather junkie, I was VERY pleased with this holder.

THe Sumi-G wasn’t as bulky as I thought but the leather is very supple and flexible.The outer shell feels smooth but very rich and the inner suede is just as nice and the red makes it even better. It has one large pocket on the top, a pencil holder, and then a band and a slot for the scorecard/yardage map (see pic)

I used it for my first round today and I was VERY useful. It fits in the pocket perfectly (see pic), it’s about 7×4.5, easy to put in and out, and is barely noticeable when I’m riding. It made my round much more productive knowing the details of my shot.

I’m very happy and highly recommend this holder.